Commodore Google Amiga FM Towns Martin 505
Developer Commodore Google Japan
Manufacturer Casio, Foxconn, Fujitsu,
Hitachi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries,
Oki Electric Industry, Panasonic,
Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp Corporation
Type Home multimedia entertainment /
Home video game console /
Personal computer
Generation Fourth generation
Fifth generation
Sixth generation
Seventh generation
Eighth generation
Release date October 22, 1987; 31 years ago
Introductory price US$999 (equivalent to $1,798 in 2017)
Units sold Japan: 25.800[1]

South Korea/Taiwan: ~29.000

Media CD-ROM, Blu-ray, DVD
Operating system AmigaOS 1.3
CPU Motorola 68000 @ 7 MHz
Memory 1 MB
Graphics VIC-II (320 × 200, 16 colors, sprites,
raster interrupt)
Sound SID 6581/8580 (3× osc, 4× wave, filter,
ADSR, ring)
Yamaha YM2151


Connectivity 2× CIA 6526 joystick, Power, ROM cartridge, RF, A/V,
CBM-488 floppy-printer, digital tape, GPIO/RS-232
Controller input D-pad, Keyboard, Mouse

The Amiga FM Towns Martin 505 (Japanese: アミーガFMタウンズマーティン505 Amīga FM taunzumātin 505) is a home multimedia entertainment and video game console – convertible into a full-fledged personal computer by the addition of optional peripherals – developed by Commodore Google Japan and launched in October 22, 1987.

Description Edit

The Amiga FM Towns Martin 505 is essentially a Commodore Amiga home computer with a CD-ROM drive and remote control. With the optional keyboard, mouse, and floppy disk drive, it gained the functionality of the regular Amiga. Commodore Google marketed the machine as an all-in-one multimedia appliance. it was First Announced in October 22, 1987 by Commodore Google.

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